TS35 – The Cutoff

Susi Huschle Training

We came close to ending the adventure today. The last three day push really took its toll on Michael and the team, both physically and mentally. The focus of meeting the cutoff time deadline caused us to lose track of our plan.

Today required a push of 321 miles to meet the cutoff. The endless “rollers”, hills that just keep on going and never appear to have a downhill side, pushed Michael to his limit. Ultimtely, exhaustion and dehydration got the best of him.

Collectively, we focused on the time goal and lost sight of important details. This ultimately led to a breakdown, for Michael and for the team.

This race is brutal, it stretches not only the rider, but the crew members, beyond anything they have ever experienced. In moments like we had today, we learn lessons about the importance of sticking to a plan, clear communication, relying on one another’s skill sets, and ultimately, to attend to the human variable.

Ultimately, we conquered the goal. Michael is still in it!

Michael got some well deserved and much needed rest. This evening Michael and the crew gathered in the mothership to recommit to the goal of Annapolis.

June 20, 15:00 (CST)

Mile: 2099