TS29-TS30 Fort Scott, KS Hospitality

Susi HuschleTraining

In the wee hours of the night our final crew member joined is. Meet Tim Gill, mathematician extraordinaire. Tim is working the numbers and giving Michael short term goals to get him to the Mississippi River cutoff successfully.

Michael has been cutting the time with each new Time Station. Riding today, Michael reports “He is feeling very strong. He gets tired but his power and strength are solid”.

Time Station 30 in Fort Scott, KS greeted Michael with a warm Welsh welcome. Michael. Suited briefly and is now down for a 30-40 minute rest. There will be little or no rest between now and the Mississippi River. Tim works the numbers, Bob maps the strategy, the rest of the crew – just do what they are told – whatever it takes to get Michael across. The next 24 hours are crucial. Prayers, well wishes, thoughts of strength and perfect weather – all are welcome. Michael feels you all assisting him through.

Mile: 1778. TS30

Fort Scott, KS, June 19, 2:47 (CST)