Wolf Creek Pass Summit TS16-TS17 (Miles: 982.8-1030.7)

Susi Huschle Training

Wolf Creek Pass Summit

Michael is an amazing hill climber. He looks forward to the grind and powers up the hills. Wolf Creek Pass is no exception. The climb, in the cooler temperatures, was a welcome change. At the top of the climb Michael scrambled up in front of the Continental Divide sign and hoisted his bike up overhead. Then he donned his cold weather gear for the 6% grade descent. When he hits the descents he his flying. One of the crew’s biggest challenges is keeping up the proper follow distance, 20-30 feet, while he his flying around these downhill curves anywhere between 30-50 miles per hour.

This TS also signifies a welcome change in the routine. Michael now will have his regular 3 hour sleep time in the evening. This will really help as it makes it easier for Michael to sleep during these hours that his body is used to slumbering. So, after descending the pass we were waiting for him parked in South Fork at a nearby RV park. A little about the sleep period in another post to come. 

As Michael was eating his meal before sleeping, I asked; “how did the climb feel? As compared to 2018?” His answer, “It felt solid”. I clarified “this one was solid, or 2018”, his response “Both”. Hill climbing definitely a strength.