TS 44-45

Susi Huschle Training

MIles 2616-2702 Entering West Virgina

Driving from Athens, OH into West Virginia tonight I (Susi) was filled with so many emotions, I thought I would try and capture a piece of it and share it here, with those of you who have been traveling along this journey with us. First let’s set the stage. It is a gorgeous evening with a rising large orange moon. A few clouds scattered around the globe adding dimension and color to the night sky. I wish I could’ve captured it, but a picture that I would take could not do it justice.

I am driving along with a sleepy crew, dozing after they have given their all on the road today with Michael. We have just passed Michael on the highway….he’s still pedaling. In Athens he said “we are gonna do this” and we are close enough now that it feels like that just might be true.

So the emotions start stirring, do we get excited? Is it too early? I think there are lingering emotions from the 2018 experience. Being in the town where we had to call it to an end last time around, and recognizing that perhaps it really is going to happen this time. We really might make the finish….what will that feel like for Michael, for the team, for Sandy our crew chief…

I think about how the nervous stomach I have had all week is shifting – still nerves, but mixed with more excitement, less worry, less dread, but definitely still nerves. I really look forward to that moment when we are done and my stomach can begin to unwind.

As I drive, I reflect on our previous drive through WVA on to Maryland. The race had ended and we were driving on to Maryland to see family and friends and to celebrate the effort. How must it feel for Michael to be out there tonight conquering this section that he was so close to completing last time around? There is so much I wonder. So much churning around, it’s hard to put into words, but I thought a little goodnight ramble before I rest my head for a bit might give you a small idea of just how much goes on in the heart of a Red Dragon. Take that times ten and add in so many other variations tied to each of the crews experience, personality, role on the team, and Michael and all that he is carrying in his heart….man there is a lot going on out here on this quiet beautiful moonlit night in West Virginia. ….Good Night….