Time Station – what’s it all about?

Susi Huschle Training

What is involved in a Time Station stop? Most Time Stations are just a drive by. A place designated on the map and nothing more. Michael rides by the designated spot and then the crew chief checks in online to Headquarters to verify he made it. 

Often times Time Stations are at gas stations or other establishments that have facilities bikers and crews can use. Occasionally, there are sponsors at a TS; a business or a bike club for example. A sponsored site will offer things like cold water, snacks, cots to lay down, etc. So far there were three outstanding TS – Congress, AZ, Fort Scott, KS, and Washington, MO. Congress, AZ and Washington, MO even had swimming pools to dip into. The people at these sites are so sweet and welcoming. They take such good tender care of the riders.

There are not usually any race officials at TS. Race officials are constantly on the move. You never know when an official might show up. That’s why one must always follow the rules and be on best behavior. 

TS stops also give us the opportunity to do a crew shift change. Michael rolls into the stop. Someone grabs his bike and helps him off. We set up a place for him to sit or he goes into the Mothership if it is there – we get Michael everything he needs, Francis will massage areas that need attention, food, liquid, sunscreen, any necessary clothes changes, and a review of the route book. Meanwhile, other crew members restock the follow van. The van needs food and liquids for Michael, cooling towels, personal hygiene kit, clothes changes, and any other essentials to keep Michael on his bike. The vans must be refueled and food and liquids for the crew. Reset the odometer, to track the mileage to the next TS. Peel Michael out of his chair, and do it all again. There are 55 Time Stations. Michael is currently on TS43

Mile: 2526

June 22, 17:22 (RAAM Time – EST)