Terrano Talks

Susi Huschle Training

From 7:00 pm – 7:00 am, we must direct follow Michael – 20-30’ Behind him at all times. He must be in our headlights. We are a connected entity during this time. The Little White Dragon Wagon acts as shield. During these times, we often entertain ourselves with what I refer to as “The Terrano Talks”. It’s often in the wee hours, calm and quiet and plodding along conquering the miles. It’s dark, so scenery is minimal, but a starry night, a beautiful moon, nocturnal animals, and the sounds of nature still surround us. Michael has a two way communication system, it is mounted on his helmet and in the follow vehicle, it’s called a Terrano.

We turn on the Terrano. Then all of us, three in the van and Michael out front on his bike just chat, like a regular road trip, except one of us is outside, giving his heart and soul to the effort ahead. Just regular conversations, but good deep conversations, the kind that happen when you have time to spare, time to give to one another. So often, we don’t have the blessing of this type of quality time. Our Terrano Talks cover many topics, we talk of family, faith, values, life experiences, and silly stories – not too many laughs allowed though or it slows Michael down. We also have to reprimand Michael once in a while to look forward. If the conversation gets interesting enough, he just can’t resist looking at us while talking – I love that, but it’s a bit dangerous – “eyes on the road mister, and let’s keep talking”. I am gonna have to say, Terrano Talks are my favorite moments.