So close, but yet so far…

Susi Huschle Training

The last 24 hours have been grueling. Who am I kidding this whole thing has been grueling. However, the intensity mounts as we get within the two day mark with less than 600 Miles to go. The goal is attainable, yet at the same time insurmountable. Yet, as we have all seen, Michael has incredible will and strength. Let’s all just send strength. Please message me (Susi) directly by text: 707-601-4307, messages of support and encouragement. Please add your name so I can tell Michael who’s sending the support. We often don’t have internet when he needs these words most. If I get them through text I can read them to him when he most needs it.


The featured image to this post is a page from our route book. This is how we direct Michael through his course. There is an adjacent page that shows his elevation for each section. Up ahead, the Appalachians! Hard to believe this course could get harder, but rumor is the high pitched, short, yet steep and repetitive grades of the Appalachians can be a game changer. Let’s hope for Michael, with his strong climbing ability, these mountains can maybe change it for the better. He just needs a chance to recharge his battery and time for that, we do not have. Inner strength is what he w

Mile:  2498.2

June 22, 16:17 (RAAM Time – EST)