Sleep is a Weapon!

Susi HuschleTraining

So, we made the cutoff. Michael had a good long sleep and Team Red Dragon was ready to roll once again…or so we thought. Once back on the road, it was clear that Michael had not yet fully recovered from the trauma his body endured earlier in the day. He really tried, he gave it his all, but he was still just too tired. Michael made it to TS36, but with many sleep breaks needed, a slow cadence, and a drowsiness that made it unsafe to continue. The crew decided, along with Michael, it would be more productive to go ahead and take another long rest. Luckily, there was a Super 8 right there at the Time Station. Sleep time! This break not only allowed Michael some more recovery time, in addition offeeed all crew members some much needed refreshing.

This morning, after those three extra hours of sleep, Michael looks strong and is traveling at the clip we need to make our Maryland goal – “Sleep is a Weapon”

Mile: 2145

June 21, wee morning hours (CST)