bikemeister The Race

First on the schedule was the team and individual official photos. Michael was asked to be part of a press conference with some of the veterans and rookies of the race. You can view this in a previous post. There were a number of vendors where we shopped for t-shirts and other RAAM paraphernalia. Then some free time for lunch and wandering around Oceanside. We took advantage of  photo-ops of our team logo stickers with various local residents and landmarks.  At 5pm there was crew and rider meeting in an auditorium sized sauna where riders were introduced and two riders were inducted into the RAAM Hall of Fame. After returning to our the dragon lair, dinner was smoked halibut Alfredo, salad, bread and butter and topped off with two delicious pies that were donated by a kind lady from the Elk’s Lodge where the Mothership was docked. Thank you Chef Hank! The rest of our evening was filled with last minute details and discussing strategy. Micheal was in bed by 10 and fell asleep during a 20 massage by Francis, focusing on circulation and respiration.

RAAM for Michael and Team Red Dragon begins at 1:10 PM on Tuesday. After that time you can go to the Follow the Race page.

The adventure is about to begin …