Oh yes, and then there’s that…

Susi HuschleTraining

And did we mention…severe thunderstorms approaching. Nothing new though, Michael has been riding through torrential rains off and on these last few days. He currently wears double shorts to keep his tender bum as comfortable as possible, and with all the rain he changes at least twice a day. Keeping up with his laundry is of key importance to keep away infection and bacteria which can cause painful saddle sores. With all this rain, we are barely able to keep him dry.

Today, the RV slide outs decided to stop working so now e get to manually crank them out. Everything is done at a fast pace, in urgency of being prepared to meet all of Michaels needs when he stops by for his all too brief rest breaks. 


Mile: 2515

Approaching TS 43

June 22, 16:33 PM (RAAM-EST)