Susi Huschle The Race

One final trip as Team Red Dragon in the Little White Dragon Wagon. We travel to Maryland. Passing over the Appalachian region left us contemplative over what could’ve been. The desire to see Michael, with his strong climbing skills and his skilled descents, yet knowing full well, the danger we would’ve been facing with Michael stretched so far beyond his usual capabilities. So, instead of traveling through this region at 10-20 miles per hour, following our cyclist, we drive through as regular tourists, enjoying the sites and anticipating the celebrations ahead. 

Family and friends in Maryland are eager for our arrival. There, Michael will greet his wife and the rest of his children. A warm and much needed welcome, I am sure. The quest of Team Red Dragon was to deliver Michael safely to Maryland. While he didn’t cross that finish line and will receive the dreaded DNF, the final decision has him arriving safely and soundly in Maryland. Mission accomplished!

June 23, 19:35 (EST)