LaVeta to Trinidad and beyond T17-T22

Susi Huschle Training

Miles: 1077-1319

This stretch of terrain is near and dear to Michael’s and Team Red Dragon’s heart. This area is just beautiful. It encompasses two passes that Michael just loves to ride. It happen to be that we were passing through on Father’s Day both times. There are lots of places for the whole crew to root Michael on. Michael called it the most beautiful part of our country. It is quite scenic. Of course, in an adventure like this there is a special kind of bonding that occurs. Father’s Day, good climbing challenge, gorgeous scenery, happy cheers, it’s just a special place. The official media crew must have felt that vibe as they did a whole segment on it. So really, I don’t need to say much more the video says it all here – – we are all just “living’ the dream”!