Inspection Day!

Susi Huschle The Race

Thanks to the lovely host at the Elks Lodge, who secured us the senior center parking lot, we were able to spread out and get down to business preparing all of our vehicles, supplies, and bicycles. A flurry of activity ensued.

Inspection time! We passed with flying colors. We were the last inspection appointment of the day. A definite highlight of the interaction was when the race official commented, “That was the easiest inspection we’ve ever done. You must really know your stuff.” And let’s remember, we are a rookie team. Pretty good stuff Team Red Dragon!!!

Another bonus of being the last inspection, quality time with race officials. Team Red Dragon got some serious pointers. “Take care of your rider, take care of yourselves, and don’t forget to look around and enjoy the sites.”

Thanks Rick Schulze and crew for a great inspection experience and for keeping RAAM safe.