Fort Garland

Susi HuschleTraining

Mile 1100

While Michael and the follow vehicle took off to enjoy the LaVeta Pass stretch we found a wonderful pit stop for refueling, laundry, and food. Fort Garland was a perfect stop in the middle of nowhere, we stopped for a crew exchange. When this happens its a lot of yellow vests, a flurry of activity, and some general chit chat and strategizing. Onlookers always are curious. This proved to be the case here as well. Francis was asked by a couple from West Virginia what we were up to. He filled them in, shared the details about Michael and Hopecam, next thing you know they are digging in their wallet. They hand over a $50 donation, stating “this is why we love to travel there is always adventure going on”.

Besides the lovely donation, the town of Fort Garland filled all of our other needs. A convenient laundromat, a shady rest spot for the Vansion sleepers, and a very kind grocer at the general store. This little town also was quite a hub of activity-motorcyclists coming and going – great people watching. And right as we were ready to leave the BBQ place opened so we were able to grab some incredible brisket. This little backcountry town was definitely a gem.