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  1. Hello Michael~
    I have been eagerly anticipating each new installment of your enlightening & entertaining post-RAAM Reflections, devouring every single word. I certainly hope to get my hands on one of the first signed copies of your book when you decide to officially publish these blog posts!
    Bravo, Michael & Team Red Dragon! 👍🏼🇺🇸🚴🏼🇺🇸👏🏼

  2. Michael, my brother is in the middle east right now. After seeing last night’s post, he sent this to me and asked that I share it with you. He is super impressed by what you have accomplished as are all the rest of us.

    “Michael, ever since my sister Heidi told me about your early literacy awareness ride, I have been thinking about all the good still left in the world. Not much of that here in Baghdad. You give all of us hope, good work, now rest”. -Kier Moore

  3. Michael, thank you for taking us all along on this EPIC RAAM adventure! Far from feeling let down, we are all lifted up & inspired by your amazing victory of achieving 2576 miles of “Racing for Reading” across the USA.
    From the thrill of being there in Oceanside to watch you take off at the starting line to learning of the difficult conclusion of your mind-boggling journey in Ohio, it has been an extraordinary experience. Thank you for that!
    Rest now, mighty road warriors! You & Team Red Dragon have earned it!

  4. Two more days… From my calculations (and I have conferred with a local math expert…Bill Funkhouser), you and Team Red Dragon are exactly where you need to be. Try to enjoy these next two days and really take in the scenery. You are an inspiration Michael to adults and early learners alike!

  5. The broader LAX Coastal Rotary area is celebrating you (Michael Davies-Hughes) this morning (LAX Coastal Rotary Sunrise- they had a RAAM rider two years ago ). They supported 13 of our Humboldt County high school students to have had an epic adventure. You are their topic. THIS morning’s California Rotary highlight! We, within Humboldt County, are celebrating what looks to appear as a solid finisher for the cause that means so much to you and your community!

  6. You all are looking GREAT! From the cartwheeling to the resting to the Micky D’s burgs, I’m not sure this is such a tough gig! 🙂 :-0

  7. Michael, I’m so impressed with your achievement, hang in there, and keep the focus! You have SO many people cheering you on. Tap into the energy that these prayers and wishes are providing you.

  8. And…the Great One is off! 2 more critical time stations to go folks. Keep your messages flowing. So inspired by your journey!

  9. It is just amazing and unbelievable and those words don’t come close to describing what Michael is accomplishing! TRD, YGT!!!

  10. Ok Michael. The true test of will is before you. As you said earlier don’t listen to the voice that tells your body to stop. Dig deeper than most ever will then deeper still. Your team is holding you together, you can do this. One minute at a time, one hour, one check point.

  11. Almost forgot – why couldn’t the bicycle stand up? Because it was two-tired! Hope that doesn’t throw you off course – keep on cyclin’!

  12. Guess what day it is? . . . It’s “Terrific” Tuesday! The word “terrific” reminds me of Tigger. Did you know Tigger’s bottom is made of rubber and his tail is made of springs. May you travel withTigger’s bottom of rubber and may your legs be injected with his tail of springs. When you travel with Tigger you can’t help but have fun, fun, fun! So Red Dragon Crew may you be inspired to find some fun in this day. And same as Tigger, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE! As you dismount your bike today, Michael, may Tigger’s song ring in your head . . . pouncy, bouncy fun, fun, fun. The most wonderful thing about me is I’M THE ONLY ONE! 🙂 ~ Jacquee

  13. Day 6 The big muddy river within reach and picking up speed. All systems are GO! Wishing you a downhill kind of day. Rest where u can. Theme song for today – I Can See For Miles, by the Who!

  14. We are all constantly thinking about you Meics sending you inspiration and fortitude across the Atlantic CARIAD MAWR. Pip, David, Tomos, Eilir, Mali , Urien , Lleu xxxxxxx

  15. Michael, Dick and I are following you from Paris! You are doing so well with incredible conditions. Keep up the good work! Kathy LaForge

  16. The Red Dragon is regarded to be 48 feet in length (perhaps a turn of the pedal) and possess exceptional intelligence. The breath weapon of the red dragon is, naturally fire. Keep the fire burning Michael and Team Red Dragon!

  17. Hey, Michael . . . No side trip to Walls Drugs or to see the two headed-cow. Be careful for the jackalopes too. Those horns could really mess you up! Enjoy seeing the Black-Eyed Susans along the road. Those are my favorite memories of Kansas.

  18. Michael
    I was watching the video clips and seeing your smiling face you continue to inspire us back home.

  19. Michael, whenever I listen to you speak about this edventure (yes, EDventure), I am always struck when you speak about your wife and kiddo’s. Your love for them abounds! Happy Father’s Day Michael.Today’s/tonight’s ride is for Team Davies-Hughes

  20. Throughout the Japanese culture, the dragon is a symbol of strength, courage and magic (sounds like someone we know). Japanese dragons don’t have wings but most can fly…kind of like what you are doing as you depart beautiful Colorado. Find your wings Michael, find your wings.

  21. Thank you so much Team Red Dragon for keeping us updated about Michael’s status!! Keep up the good work!! Go Michael GO!

  22. Amazing, Michael! You conquered the Rockies! Be safe on those downhill descents. No wheel wobbling speeds. Enjoy the refreshing breeze . . . from Dr. Seuss’ “Oh The Places You’ll Go”: You’ll be famous as famous as can be as people watch you on TV . . . well our computer screens are like a TV . . . and your fame is the good kind. The kind that inspires. Keep pressing toward your goal. We are cheering you on! ~ Jacquee Hagans

  23. Such an impressive effort, you are increasing your average, and battling the heat and altitude, as well as the fatigue. We are cheering you on and following your progress. Keep it going….mile by mile….you can do this!

  24. To say you are “an inspiration” seems like such an understatement, Michael. Sending energy your way!

  25. Crossing the Arizona Divide … Your speed is up this morning so I am hoping that your downhill course lasts a long long time after a good rest in Flagstaff. I’ve sent other messages that don’t appear on the website, so I’m not sure what is going wrong … or if you’re not getting all of the well-wishes from your many many fans. Keep it up!

  26. Thank you for giving us all something to obsess about at “work.” You are doing something that most of us cannot even imagine and you inspire us all to do better and be better. Keep the pedals turning! We are thinking of you and your team always.

  27. I am so proud of YOU especially in knowing how PROUD of yourself you must feel. You GOT THIS, Go Big RED!!!

  28. I was going to call for our daily meeting today, but I see you are climbing a mountain!! Have fun and enjoy the view…remember only 40 mph down the hill!!

  29. Just caught your radio interview on Big Red this morning with my family. You sound great and strong and are such a tremendous ambassador for Early Literacy.

  30. Oh my My MY! I am so very familiar with the terrain just ahead of you I am breathless thinking! about you riding the hills to, through, and down from Jerome, Arizona. I hope the beauty of the area will serve to lessen the pain of getting there. But above all, please be SAFE! That road is treacherous. And in the early morning, don’t forget to look up … there may be a heavenly squadron of colorful hot air balloons cheering you on too! Sending a BIG cyber-hug your way.

  31. Between Michael gutting it out in style despite 109 degree heat and Susi’s cartwheel, we here back in Humboldt are in awe. Keep up the great work team.

  32. Such an awesome moment meeting up with you & the TRD crew before the race this morning in Oceanside, and especially to watch you cross the official RAAM starting line today, Michael! Hoping your Inspirational Students of the Day, Linda & Elijah, provide lots of motivation for you! 👍🏼🚴🏼👍🏼

  33. One last night for a deep and deserved rest. Use this time to center your energies and to find internal calm. So proud of the entire team. Best to you all tonight and at the race start. Take in mental photographs.

  34. One last night to sleep well and to center you energies for this epic journey. Wishing you and your amazing team a most fantastic evening.

  35. Wishing you guys the absolute best first day!! Michael and Team RD: I am so amazed and inspired and joyful as I think of this trek. It will be an experience of a lifetime. You are all heroes. PS: I don’t have my glasses on so I hope this is legible! Damn. No spell check. And written to a group of really smart people, too. Eeeesh!

  36. I’ve been thinking about you all day! Hope you get a great night of sleep and a strong start. You’ve got this. 🙂

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