Don’t Cry Because it’s Over, Laugh because it Happened

Susi Huschle Training

Mile: 2576

June 22, 22:09 (RAAM – EST)

A thunderstorm so heavy with lightening all around. Michael continues on. We all just wonder, what will be thrown at us next. A flash flood alert has come as well. He’s riding through water 3-4 inches deep sending off rooster tails, that informs us the traction must be nil. After a few more blasts of lightening. Michael signals for a second time, “this isn’t fun anymore. I am cold and wet, there’s lightening all around.” We

agree, this isn’t safe and bunker down in the cars. This delay is enough to make the finish impossible, but riding on could be worse. 

Michael has decided to call the race. The weather conditions alone present unsafe riding conditions. When you throw in the strain Michael’s body has been through – the margin for error is too grand. Michael stated “if we were to continue on in these conditions, we will be continuing for all the wrong reasons. The risk is not worth the benefits. The race has been called with no regrets.”

When making the decision, a big concern of Michael’s is the people, all of you, who are there supporting and a part of this, not wanting to let you all down. I say, let’s each and everyone of us, reflect, contemplate, and learn from this enormous endeavor. This is bigger than Michael, this is bigger than a finish line. This is a collective movement. This is people finding momentum, passion, disrupting their routines and colliding towards a common purpose. 

Don’t leave this behind. Take a piece with you, share what you’ve learned. Remain connected. People are what our world is about. People like Michael Davies-Hughes who is just crazy enough to take on a challenge enormous enough to make us all put the day to day aside and look beyond…and to hope! Always have hope!!!

June 22, 22:57 (RAAM-EST)