There are two parts to the fundraising for this great endeavor:

The first is financial contributions to our cause Hopecam.

Every penny raised in this area will go directly to this program.

The second is financial or In-Kind contributions to the operating expenses of the team to get Michael safely and successfully from coast-to-coast.


To make a contribution to our cause, Hopecam, please click on the Donate to Hopecam link below.

Donate to Hopecam 


To make a monetary contribution to our team, TEAM RED DRAGON, please click on the Donate button below. All donations will go towards the operating expenses of the race.


You may also donate by check to:      Michael Davies-Hughes RAAM
  PO Box 730, Bayside, CA  95524

In-Kind Contributions

If you wish to make an In-Kind contribution please contact us at:

A list of items that we need for the race is listed below.

RAAM Operating Expenses

The following table represents approximate costs associated with my Race Across America. These expenses include only those associated with the race itself, and do not include costs of practice/training races/rides.

Donations for the operating expenses may be monetary or “in-kind.”  If you wish to make an “in-kind” contribution, please email us at:



Current Status


RAAM Entry Fee


Paid by racer

Pre-race Rental House in Oceanside for racer and crew


Paid by racer

Crew (9) transportation to race and related costs


Needing sponsor/donor

Pre-race dinner


Needing sponsor/donor

Food for crew and racer during race (12 days)


Needing sponsor/donor

Racer supplies (including riding clothing and safety equipment but not including bikes)


Needing sponsor/donor

Crew supplies (including required safety equipment in vehicle, communication devices, and navigation)


Needing sponsor/donor

Rental vans fee (2)


Needing sponsor/donor



Supplied by racer and crew

Fuel Costs (RVs and rental vans) from Oceanside to Annapolis


Needing sponsor/donor

Bicycle (racer will need 3 but already has 2)

$5,000 (1)

Needing sponsor/donor

Awards banquet extra tickets for crew


Needing sponsor/donor

Return travel costs for racer and crew


Paid by racer and crew

Total Cost