Climbing Out of the Desert

Susi Huschle Training


Yay! Trees and clouds! Today Michael climbed out of the desert. The good news – with elevation came somewhat cooler weather. The bad news, those were some pretty significant climbs for an already exhausted body.

Hank drove the mothership to the top of the hill so Michale could rest when he arrived. Uh-oh no  cell service.


The spy vehicle drove back down a few miles so we could have communication. Then….waited while Michael made the Long assent

At the top of the climb it was 20-25 degrees cooler, but still 85 degrees. That’s still pretty darn hot for a Humboldt County Welshman who has spent the past 24 hours traversing the desert.

A short rest and he was off again. Next stop, Flagstaff TS 9