Post-Race Reflections (Part 2)

Michael Davies-Hughes The Race

The end is just the beginning… Approximately twenty miles east of Chillicothe, Ohio, on a lightning-illuminated Hwy 50, I stopped pedaling for the final time. I gently propped my trusty “red dragon” bicycle (a blood-red colored Trek Domane that had become an extension of my own body over the course of this race) against our support van, clambered inside, and …

Post-Race Reflections Part 1

Michael Davies-Hughes The Race

June 28, 2018 It’s been almost a week since I made the decision to withdraw from the Race Across America after 2,600 miles of sleep-deprived exertion, yet the adventure continues for me. The race has changed me. I am no longer the same person who waited anxiously at the start line in Oceanside on June 12. I’d like to think …

Race Day

Susi Huschle The Race

We woke up early on race day full of excitement. We had time on our hands because we were so well prepared. Michael had a few contemplative moments, mentally preparing for what was to come. Our dragon wagon was the hit of the parade at the start line. The staging area was a great time to interact with other crews …


bikemeister The Race

First on the schedule was the team and individual official photos. Michael was asked to be part of a press conference with some of the veterans and rookies of the race. You can view this in a previous post. There were a number of vendors where we shopped for t-shirts and other RAAM paraphernalia. Then some free time for lunch …

Pre-Race News Conference

bikemeister Interviews, The Race

Michael was asked to participate in a media event with some of the biggest names in this year’s RAAM and in the sport of ultra cycling. See some of Michael’s comments in the embedded video. Or watch the entire press conference on Facebook Live.  

Inspection Day!

Susi Huschle The Race

Thanks to the lovely host at the Elks Lodge, who secured us the senior center parking lot, we were able to spread out and get down to business preparing all of our vehicles, supplies, and bicycles. A flurry of activity ensued. Inspection time! We passed with flying colors. We were the last inspection appointment of the day. A definite highlight …

Early Morning Prep

Susi Huschle The Race

Team Red Dragon prepares for this epic journey. The morning begins quietly as crew members awake one by one. Friendly camaraderie and coffee abounds. Michael is off on his practice ride. The crew begins to focus. The quiet house quickly becomes a hub of energy. The goal of the day to successfully passing Inspection!

Oceanside Arrival

Susi Huschle The Race

Excitement abounds in the belly of Team Red Dragon. The energy is mounting as race day grows nearer. A brief walk to the iconic Oceanside pier, then down to business. After our long drive, Francis offered Michael a nice relaxing massage to loosen up. Meanwhile a team meeting last night to go over the beginning race route proved extremely beneficial. …

Dragon Migration

Susi Huschle The Race

      A great send off from the HCOE team in Eureka. Photo shoots, fans cheering, and cars honking… then off they went, an epic journey lies ahead..           A lovely pitstop at Waddell Resort in Walnut Creek – swimming pools, hot tubs, good company, and yummy food. Then the long drive down to Oceanside.     …