Post-Race Reflections (Part 5)

Michael Davies-Hughes Racing, Training

Luck of the Irish (not the Welsh) In my previous blogs I have tried to capture some of the extreme physical and psychological challenges encountered during Team Red Dragon’s Race Across America, and I will continue to do so in future post-race reflections. There were, however, light-hearted moments that provided a welcome comic relief from the brutality of the race. …

Post-Race Reflections (Part 4)

Michael Davies-Hughes Racing

Miracles at the Mississippi Life-defining moments are rare, but in the landscape of our memories they rise like mighty mountain peaks above an expanse of clouds that form the collective annals of our existence; the birth of a son or daughter, the death of a loved-one, your first kiss, finding your God. I experienced such a moment on the lush …

Post-Race Reflections (Part 3)

Michael Davies-Hughes Racing

Losing the edge….. There’s a scene from the wildly popular 1986 movie Top Gun when Cougar walks into his commanding officer’s room following a scary encounter with a Russian MiG-28 fighter plane and states “I’m holding on too tight. I’ve lost the edge.” He then “turns-in his wings” thereby giving-up his flight status as a Top Gun pilot. I’m no …

The friendly folks of Kansas

Susi Huschle Racing

Yesterday in Greensburg, KS as crew waited for Michael to arrive, quite a few locals stopped by to chat. One fellow, brought out his fat tire bike. He offered it up to Michael to ride his next leg. Our next visitor, was a local author, who donated signed copies of his books to our literacy campaign. He shared with us …

Michael Davies-Hughes Qualifies for RAAM

bikemeister Racing

On November 5, 2016, at the 24 Hour World TT Championships in Anza Borrego Desert, CA, Michael rode 410.4 miles in 23 hours, 38 minutes and 12 seconds to qualify to compete in the Solo Division of the Race Across America.