Easy TUC Recon

bikemeister Training

96 miles, 7 hours 6 minutes, 8973 feet of climbing, 13.5 mph average speed. Relive ‘Easy TUC Recon ‘

Night Shift Century

bikemeister Training

1 am start to get a 100 mile training ride in before dropping the kids at school and heading to work. 100.4 miles, 3740 feet of climbing, 5 hours 31 minutes, average speed 18.2 mph. Check out the route video. Relive ‘Night Shift Century’

PSA Radio Spots

bikemeister Interviews

Micheal Records PSA Radio Spots at Bicoastal Media. 15 second 30 second 60 second

Flirtin’ With The Flu

bikemeister Training

Started at 4:28 am, 76.3 miles, 4 hrs 51 mins, 2280 ft climbing, 15.7 mph average speed.  Watch this video of my route.  Relive ‘Flirtin’ with the flu’

Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka Donates $1,000

bikemeister Supporters

The Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka pledged a match of a $1,000 for individual member donations to Team Red Dragon. The members’ response was huge – more than $2,600 in 10 minutes!! Here I am receiving the matching check from SW Eureka Rotary President, Matt Nilsen. The support for our Race Across America (RAAM) and the Early Literacy Partner Program …

Night Ride

bikemeister Training

Left at 3:13 am, 100.8 miles, 7 hrs 44 mins, 9587 ft climbing, 13 mph average speed. Back to pedaling in the white stuff! Watch this video of my route. Relive ‘Night Ride’

Live at Five on KIEM TV

bikemeister Interviews

Michael joined Monica Petruzzelli on today’s Live at Five on KIEM News Channel 3 to talk about the Race Across America. They are very interested in doing the nightly check-in during the race if we are able to pull that off. Watch the video.

Tired Legs

bikemeister Training

After yesterday’s slugfest in the snow, the old Welsh pistons were’t quite up to snuff for today’s training century…….. Check out the Relive video of the route. 101.5 miles, 6:11 hours, 3,868 vertical feet and 16.4 mph average. Relive ‘Tired Legs’