Day 3 RAAM

Susi Huschle Training

The crew is Re-stocking. Report from the follow vehicle is: “We had to have Michael take three naps, so added two hours to time but he is back in the saddle and looking strong in Prescott on our way to Camp Verde” Look for Michael on RAAM race media. He had a live broadcast this morning. The crew shift change …

Team Red Dragon Sticker Challenge

Susi Huschle Training

  Team Red Dragon does not want to be forgotten. We are leaving Our mark everywhere. The challenge: find the most unique place to leave our sticker!

Congress Oasis

Susi Huschle Training

  A word about TS(6) Congress, AZ. Deep gratitude to the Phoenix, AZ Bullshifter Cycling club for their hospitality. Swimming pools, showers, rehydration, and warm smiles. These folks were a welcome sight after battling the desert sun. Watching cyclist after cyclist take the plunge experiencing great relief – lovely.  

Leaving the Desert Behind

Susi Huschle Training

  We call it the “long sleep” – 2 1/2 hours – most of us would want more, not Michael. After his rest and some breakfast – a brief crew check-in he’s off to the Yarnell grade.  

The Desert Heat

Susi Huschle Training

The desert heat was brutal. All efforts are focused on keeping Michael cool. As Dave, states “we knew it would be hot, but did not anticipate the extreme amount of resources, energy, and effort it would take to get Michael through the desert.” We knew he could do it, as crew member Francis states, “Luckily, Michael is inherently cool” After …

RAAM Day 2 – the logistics

Susi Huschle Training

We rode through the night. From 7am-7pm, we must direct follow. Direct follow means the rider MUST be in our headlights. We follow behind Michael 20-30 feet distance maximum. It creates an eerie effect, especially this first night when the riders are still somewhat close together. Like little pods drifting along with lights blinking slowly traversing the desert. As the …

RAAM 2018 Day One

Susi Huschle Training

Passed our first time station with minimal incident. Had a flat early on, but swapped bikes quickly and got back on the road. Everyone is safe and bikes are rolling smoothly. At time station (TS) 2 Michael tooka brief sleep and massage – 30 minutes – and then back on the bike. TS(2): 145 miles, just over 9 hours.   …

Race Day

Susi Huschle The Race

We woke up early on race day full of excitement. We had time on our hands because we were so well prepared. Michael had a few contemplative moments, mentally preparing for what was to come. Our dragon wagon was the hit of the parade at the start line. The staging area was a great time to interact with other crews …


bikemeister Crew, The Race

First on the schedule was the team and individual official photos. Michael was asked to be part of a press conference with some of the veterans and rookies of the race. You can view this in a previous post. There were a number of vendors where we shopped for t-shirts and other RAAM paraphernalia. Then some free time for lunch …

Pre-Race News Conference

bikemeister Interviews, The Race

Michael was asked to participate in a media event with some of the biggest names in this year’s RAAM and in the sport of ultra cycling. See some of Michael’s comments in the embedded video. Or watch the entire press conference on Facebook Live.