A Few Photos – Just for fun

Susi HuschleThe Race

A brief pitstop, referred to as ‘butt break’ – he doesn’t actually get off the bike but stands and stretches for a moment. Sometimes it will include a clothing change. Here Michael is checking in with the Navigator. Navigator always sits shotgun and communicates without a Michael Our the window and hands needed items out the window as the van drives by.

The Little White Dragon Wagon – direct follow vehicle

Cuchara Summit – a brief interview with the Brazilian media team. Brazilian, Ricardo Arap (#268) is attempting RAAM for his thirteenth time. He has completed as a team RAAM cyclist. And has attempted five solo RAAMs, all DNF’s (did not finish). Our hearts are with Arap, he and his crew have been bunny hopping along with us, but he is losing ground. Michael always asks how he is progressing. We’d love to see him successfully finish this attempt.

Typical 10-15 minute rest break for Michael. His crew taking care of him, motivating him, strategizing, and crew chief Bob, forever at his side.

These are our two rock stars. Our crew is amazing with many talents, but these two too the charts. This is a common site, Save and Francis on top of the vehicle taking care of the bikes. Dave is officially our bike mechanic – he can fix anything. Plus he gives Michael great confidence in his bike, because it is so well cared for. Francis, also supports with bike mechanic work, although his main focus are the mechanics of Michael’s body, he is our massage therapist – constantly at Michael’s side making sure he wants for nothing (other than this race to be over). These two have poured every ounce of energy and their whole heart into the success of this event for Michael.

Funny moment seeing that hat for sale.

Francis at work with Michael at the Revolution Cycles Time Station in Missouri.

Dave and Hush take a photo op moment at the Fort Scott, MO Time Station. Fort Scott, true fans of the Welshman.