Tim Gill


Tim Gill is the Director of Student Support Services for Kelseyville Unified School District in Lake County, CA.  He is a self-proclaimed recreational mathematician who got his start in education teaching mathematics in Middletown, CA.  That is where Tim first met Michael Davies-Hughes when they taught together at Middletown Middle School.  Tim lives in Cobb, CA with his wife Jamey, and has two sons, Jacob (22) and Connor (18).  Tim’s hobbies include mountain biking, woodworking, playing guitar, and exploring mathematics for fun.

 In thinking about MDH’s quest to ride his bike across the United States in 12 days, Tim is excited about playing a part in helping Michael achieve this incredible feat.  He is also looking forward to seeing vast swaths of our country that he has never seen before, and working with Team Red Dragon to help Michael across the finish line.  He brings an expert level of knowledge and experience with the Distance = Rate x Time equation and a strong, team-oriented work ethic.  Tim plans to practice his Welsh greetings along the route so he can congratulate Michael when he crosses the finish line.