Jesse Leyva


Jesse Leyva is an educational consultant with 29 years of experience working with K-12 traditional and charter schools.  Prior to his work in consulting, he was a district office administrator, pre-school director, K-6, K-8 and K-12 school principal.

Jesse’s educational background includes an MA in Linguistics, and he holds an administrative and teaching credential.

His teaching experiences range from kindergarten through high school, graduate programs at Loyola Marymount University, UC Santa Barbara Schools of Education, and the UC Irvine International Program.

Jesse is also a board member for Charter Schools Development Center, an organization that supports CA charter schools.

When Jesse’s not working, he’s training for triathlons, a sport he took up 34 years ago.  Jesse has qualified and completed the Hawaii Ironman on 2 occasions, and more recently The Bulldog Ultra Marathon.  He’s still very active in competing, participating in 21 races in 2017.