Francis Rain, CMT #64829


Whoever said “Jack of all trades, master of none” has surely never met Francis Rain. Francis wears many hats in his daily life and has mastered an array of skills likely to be in demand through the course of this Race Across America.

Francis lives on the coast of Northern California’s beautiful Humboldt County with his brilliant wife Tracy and their daughter Cadence.

A skilled and experienced massage therapist, licensed in California since 2014, Francis specializes in sports massage, trigger point therapy and medical rehabilitation. With clients ranging from MMA fighters preparing for cage fights to seasoned athletes recovering from injury/surgery, he is uniquely suited to help both racer and team in managing the rigorous demands for which this race is famous.

Francis brings years of experience as not only a cyclist, but also as a bicycle mechanic to support the crew. Francis’s many self-supported multistate bicycle tours, daily commuting, and the occasional recreational ride have peppered him with the knowledge and ability to negotiate traffic and terrain safely and efficiently while maintaining both man and machine, on and off the road.

In addition to putting several thousand miles a year on his fleet of bicycles, Francis enjoys all outdoor activities with a lifetime of hiking, backpacking, camping and climbing trees – both professionally and recreationally. He is also a skilled craftsman with projects from trinkets to treehouses in wood, metal, various textiles, cuisine and digital medium. Francis loves a well-brewed coffee and listening to showtunes, so let’s all hope he doesn’t share too much of his singing “ability” along the way …

All-in-all, Francis Rain should prove to be more of an asset than a liability. Cheers!