Dave Larsson


In response to the imminent destruction of his home planet many light years away, Dave Larsson was hastened away to a distant solar system to live in safety among human mortals on a rock called Earth. From an early age his “parents” discovered that he had an uncanny ability to take apart almost anything and re-assemble it again with only minimal parts left over (sometimes even fixing it in the process). This unnatural ability prepared him well for his cover life career as a mild-mannered bicycle mechanic in Eureka, California where he resides in seclusion to this day. When he is not hopping tall curbs in a single bound, he can be found playing with his beautiful son, wrenching on and riding bicycles, engineering some sort of contraption, going on an adventure, and philosophizing about the nature of this existence.

In all seriousness, I couldn’t be prouder to take on this challenge and feel honored to have been asked. I have been working on Michael’s bicycles for years now and he has never ceased to amaze me how strong of a rider he is. But more than that, he is a wonderful guy. I’m excited to help him compete in the toughest endurance event in the world, and I’m humbled to do this important work for early literacy. It’s not going to be easy, and parts of it are bound to be down right unpleasant, but I’m pretty sure it will be an adventure of a lifetime. Crossing the finish line with Michael will be an experience I will not soon forget… and besides, I’ve always wanted to spray someone with champagne.