Bob Schoenherr


Crew Chief

Bob Schoenherr, retired educator, designer, and engineer, has thirty plus years experience in education holding a Bachelors in Mass Communications and Elementary Education and Masters Educational Technology. He has taught grades 3 through college as well as coaching high school varsity basketball, tennis, track, and volleyball in New Mexico, Colorado, and Northern California.

Bob has worked in aerospace and the commercial use of laser and radiation technologies. He has multiple experiences in using technology, and  helped develop the first interactive multi-media training program for firemen in California and is a founding member of the California Technology Assistance Program (CTAP) a program that trained instructors on a new concept, (The Internet)

For the past 12 years Bob has been supporting the Cisco Networking Academy. He was the WorldSkills liaison, the content developer/designer for technical training of students around the world.

Bob enjoys being with his soul mate Anita and their dog, Apple, along with sports car driving, bicycle touring,  concouring Porsches, sailing, photography/videography, hiking, tennis, RC car racing, and anything that involves an adventure and a form of technology. Bob started bicycle touring when obtaining his masters degree at Long Beach State.  His friends and fellow teachers at the time, Phil Knoll and Clyde James planted the seed.  With the bicycle triad many a 500 mile or 1000 mile trip had been accomplished on the bicycle.  He did his first century ride in 1989 and first double century in 1991.  Michael and Bob met when Michael was recovering from leg surgery and Bob from a major ACL operation. They started bicycling together and that lead to their friendship which involved many an activity together from camping to coaching and now to the greatest challenge yet, the RAAM.

“The RAAM is something I have dreamed about being  part of since Phil and Clyde mentioned it to me.  We all know if you hang around Michael every minute becomes an adventure.   I hope to bring my organizational, coaching, technology and collaboration skills to the team.  I’m a team player and have knowledge of many things that I like to use in helping others.  I hope to lead our team to the finish line supporting Michael every second of the adventure. “

Ask what will be the first thing I’ll do when we cross the finish line: Text Anita and say: WE DID IT!!!!! Then hug everyone on the team, and finally with everyone have a beer!

Go Red Dragon Racing Team!!!