2nd Place TUC Finish

bikemeister Training

This was Saturday’s effort at the Tour of the Unknown Coast – regarded as California’s Toughest Century. Having focused my recent training on efficiency over the long haul with low heart rate “steady state” efforts, this was quite a departure from the norm. Essentially, it was a 100-mile sprint consisting of 10,000 feet of climbing over mixed surface conditions. Rode …

Night Ride

bikemeister Training

I decided to give it a ‘poke’ this morning on the TT bike. Left the house at 2:07 AM and completed 100 miles in under 5 hrs (20.23 mph average). Felt pretty darn good! RAAM starts 4-weeks from today! Go Team Red Dragon! Relive ‘Night Ride’

Steady State Century

bikemeister Training

Great training ride today. Got the eating and drinking schedule right! 102 miles at 18 mph with a nice low average heart rate of 114 BPM.  Happy to have the Red Dragon follow vehicle with me for company – thanks Mark and Susi Huschle for making the early morning commitment.  One month to go until RAAM!! Relive ‘Steady State Century …

KHUM Radio Interview

bikemeister Interviews

Listen to Michael’s KHUM interview from noon today on RAAM and the Early Literacy Partners Program.

Late Butler Valley

bikemeister Training

Sleep deprivation simulation. Left at 9 pm for 4 hr ride, slept for 2 1/2 hrs, then back on the bike for 1 1/2 hrs….. Only a month to go – gotta do it! Relive ‘Late Butler Valley’

Tempo 40 @ 20.2

bikemeister Training

Great morning to be on the road and cranking it out around the bay.  Wind still, clear skies and nary a car in sight.  Goal was to keep a steady tempo at 20 mph for 40 miles – just below the point at which the legs start protesting.  After a 200 mile ride on Saturday and a rest day on Sunday, the legs …

1hr sleep then 13 hrs in the saddle

bikemeister Training

Wanted to ride for at least 12 hours with little sleep to prepare for RAAM. Left the house at 11:53 pm Friday night, watched the sun come up and then some. No excuses …

Spinning Seventy by Seven

bikemeister Training

Out the door a little before 3 AM with no clear destination in mind.  The only goal was to ride for 4 hrs.  Most of my training rides are highly structured with specific performance targets, so it’s always a treat to “point and ride.” Skirted neighborhoods in Eureka, Samoa, Manila, Bayside, Arcata, Korbel, Blue Lake, Fieldbrook, McKinleyville and Cutten.  The only human …

Relive Six weeks from today……..

bikemeister Training

What a beautiful morning to ride around Humboldt Bay (twice)!  Goal today was to keep a “steady state” effort for 3+ hours at 19 mph average and HR below 125.  Legs feel strong and I’m fully recovered from the RAAM practice ride from Oceanside to Flagstaff we did a couple of weeks ago.  My mind wondered to what lies before …